OnBudget App Reviews

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Helps keep you honest!

Our family has been using this for a few months now. I do not like carrying cash and the credit card seemed to be the best option because of points; however, it was so easy to overspend on a credit card. Now my family has the transparency of OnBudget and when we start to get carried away with expenses, it lets us know it. The only wish list item I have for OnBudget would be to budget biweekly instead of monthly. I recommended this to a coworker and she loves it also!! Give it a try!

Social security

I think this app would be awesome but I am hesitant to give my social security number so I haven't even tried because of that one simple fact. Do you HAVE to have it!

Great idea, still working out bugs

I'm currently enrolled in Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University. He advocates an envelope budgeting system using cash only. While I believe this philosophy whole-heartedly, the logistics of cash is hard for me (I tend to forget it at home when I need it...). This is a great idea to load your envelope money onto a pre-paid card, which allows you to closely monitor your spending and stay within your budget. I just started using my card, and the first time I loaded it, it was fine. The 2nd time I tried to load it, the request was declined. After several more declined attempts, I called customer service and spoke with a gentleman who, while nice, had clearly no clue what the problem was. After 20 minutes on the phone with him, he essentially told me to just keep trying, and if it still doesn't work tomorrow, to call back. Soo, waiting now to see what tomorrow will hold Great idea. I'm totally on board with it, but some important kinks still need to be worked out (or better train your customer service employees to know how to troubleshoot these issues). Hope this gets cleared up soon. I'm excited about the potential here!

Awesome app

Loved the design of this app. Easy to understand and finally I can see my spending in real time with the OnBudget card. It categories all my transactions and I will keep using it.

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